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The odds on a bet mean how much your money will multiply when you win the bet.
The odds are based on the estimated ratings the horse has received.
Higher odds means it's less likely for that horse to win but if it does you will get a higher payout.

In the betting menu you can see the performance of the selected horse in the training run.
This will give an estimate how the horse will run during the real race.

When you place a bet you can select the type of bet you want to make
The different types are:

WIN bet is on the horse to finish first place
PLACE bet is on the horse to finish in the top 2
SHOW bet is on the horse to finish in the top 3

The rumors are an integral part of horse betting.
People with a good betting sense will often hear things novices don't.
You shouldn't expect to find rumors from the get go but the more you win the more you learn.

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